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Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver B.C. (Anglican) Leaders

This church is a historic site on the busiest corner of downtown Vancouver. The cathederal got its start when the C.P.R. gave it land to build on in 1885-1886. The C.P.R. had arrived in Vancouver with its first trains, Vancouver began in 1886, and was surveyed by the C.P.R. The company built the city as a reward for fulfilling its promise to build a ribbon of steel from sea to sea.

This church has inside a historic section of those great railway builders who were members of the congregation. John Cambia the C.P.R. surveyor who laid the first stone to start the roads of the city.

Other plaques include the person who actually found the pass through the Rockies, and it was not Rogers. He stole the credit for it.

If the Hall ever needed a religious member, with a proven heritage history this chuch is it.

I myself have been nominated two years ago, yet I think faith is more important, because many people who have helped build railway companies needed faith and belief to do it. I cannot express how important it is to use the illustration using the old testament to witness the new one. as the last centuries pass, this new millenium begins.

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