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Doug and Gord Peters Leaders

In 1978, these two Manitoba brothers, had a vision that would later result in an Employee Owned Company that specialized in track laying, track removal and salvage, shortline operation and industrial switching. The company is Cando Contracting, and it has grown to have operations on both sides of the 49th parallel.

To think that a company as large as Cando started with two farm lads and a friend bidding on a CP abandonment project and winning. Much was learned from the project, but with blood, sweat, a few tears I'm sure, and a great work ethic, the rest as they say is history.

I have worked for Cando for 10 years, and must say that the Peters brothers are very special people. Not only are they astute business men, but extremely community minded with Cando giving heavily to charity each year. They cherish people and are always first in line to help, especially in the communities they serve.

These good "people values" are also carried through to the way they manage and treat their employees, listen to employees and make one proud to be part of Cando.

Both Doug and Gord are very approachable, and unlike so many Managers of the day, they seem to want to grow the Company but not on the backs of the employees.

Cando has quite a number of "long term" employees, and I think this speaks volumes to how we feel about the Company and how it's run. One will never "get rich" working for a shortline, but with Cando, you will at least feel like part of team, respected and if needed, have access to "the boss".

I think the Peters brothers deserve recognition in the Canadian Railway Hall of Fame. Their early vision became a well respected Canadian railway company, that saved a number of rail lines rather than destroying them, expanded its business across the border and continues to have a high regard for employees and ethics.

To have done this all in 32 years, with no previous railway experience is nothing short of amazing, and a credit to them both.

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