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Monday, June 12, 2006


Sounding the Horn for Canadian Railway Hall of Fame Nominations  

OTTAWA - The Canadian Railway Hall of Fame is asking the public for this year’s nominations of the heroes, communities, technologies and leaders that have made significant contributions to the success and development of Canada’s freight and passenger rail industries.

“The annual nomination process is important for the hall of fame,” says Les Kozma, the director of the Canadian Railway Hall of Fame. “It provides Canadians with an opportunity to highlight some of the people, communities and technologies they feel have played an important role in the development of Canadian railways.”

Inductees are announced publicly and featured on the hall of fame’s website, where Canadians and people from around the world can view and learn more about the Canadian railway industry’s most important people, places and technologies.

“The Canadian Railway Hall of Fame is essential for celebrating the railway industry,” says Cliff Mackay, president of the Railway Association of Canada. “It offers a forum for this industry’s important elements to be distinguished for their role in our vibrant system. The annual nomination process ensures heroes, leaders, communities and technologies of the railway industry continue to be celebrated and remembered.”

Recently, the Canadian Northern Society also opened the Canadian Railway Hall of Fame Pavilion in the Village of Big Valley, Alberta. The pavilion, which is an interactive, outdoor display, features the inductees of the virtual hall of fame, and provides visitors with a hands-on opportunity to learn more about Canada’s railway industry.

Last year’s inductees to the Canadian Railway Hall of Fame included Craigellachie Station, the site of the last spike of the CPR, and wartime railway employees, who, during the Second World War, served in the armed forces and transported troops and matériel across Canada, to ports and then overseas.

Anybody seeking to make a nomination can do so by filling out a nomination form at the hall of fame’s website, www.railfame.ca, before August 11, 2006. Nominations should also include an explanation why the nominee should be inducted into the hall of fame.

The Canadian Railway Hall of Fame was created in 2002 by the Railway Association of Canada, with the support of its almost 60 member railways. Since then, the hall of fame has inducted more than 45 heroes, technologies, communities and leaders, and has given a number of recognition awards and industry achievement awards to the many people who have helped the railway industry grow and thrive in Canada.

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Ken Lancastle
Railway Association of Canada

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