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Industry Achievement
Exporail - the Canadian Railway Museum (2010)

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding and the 175th anniversary of the first public railway in Canada, Exporail - the Canadian Railway Museum, ranks as one of the most important railway museums in the world. The collection features collection includes more than 160 railway vehicles and many unique artefacts representing a key period, event, organization or person in the history of Canadian railway technology since 1836.

"Every year more than 60,000 visitors appreciate the breadth and richness of its collection and archives of over 400,000 documents that details significant events in Canadian history from the founding of the first railways, the technological innovations and its economic contributions to the building of modern-day Canada," said Gérald Gauthier, Chairman and President of CRHOF. "Recognized by Canada's House of Commons as 'Canada's National Railway Museum' in 2007, the Museum's specialized collection includes over 450,000 objects and documents and is recognized by governments as being of national interest."

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