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Industry Achievement
Donald Bain (2007)

Similar to previous Special Award honourees of the Canadian Railway Hall of Fame, such as Gordon Lightfoot, Donald Bain of Calgary is an accomplished railway author. He has helped tell the story of the railway industry in Canada. In the late 1970's, Mr. Bain spearheaded the production of a single volume known as "Canadian Pacific in the Rockies." This photographic history lesson morphed into companion publications covering Canadian Pacific, CN, regional railways, and U.S. railway operations across the country.

Canadian Pacific's Mighty No. 8000 by D.M. Bain and J.D. Leslie

The result is an excellent series of publications that not only detail the history of railway operations in Canada, but also provide a valuable insight into the important role of the Canadian railway industry in the ongoing development of the nation. See also www.brmna.com

Donald Bain passed away on July 1, 2009 in Calgary.

Cyril R. Littlebury's Canadian Pacific Photography - 1918 to 1933 by D.M. Bain and L.W. Camp
Lawrence A. Stuckey's Canadaian and U.S. Railway Photography - 1935 to 1957 by D.M. Bain

James Jarvis' Toronto and Montreal Railway Photography - 1952 by D.M. Bain
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