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Industry Achievement
Ed Dodge (2005)
Ed DodgeEd Dodge began his career at Canadian Pacific Railway on June 27, 1967. He enjoyed a distinguished career with CPR, having held executive positions in a broad range of operations and marketing areas within the company in both Canada and the United States. Mr. Dodge retired from company service on March 1, 2004.

"Ed Dodge brought energy and the relentless pursuit of safety and productivity throughout the company with outstanding results," remarked Rob Ritchie, President and Chief Executive Officer of CPR upon Mr. Dodge's retirement after 35 years with the railway.

His staff and industry colleagues have recognized Mr. Dodge's pursuit of improvements to CPR's safety record. After holding executive positions in the railway's marketing department, Mr. Dodge became a dedicated operating officer whose personal and demonstrative commitment to safety brought about a culture change at the company with respect to safety management. In addition to his implementation of processes designed to manage risk and to improve safety performance, Mr. Dodge ensured that the ownership of safety within the company was clearly placed at the operating Vice President and department head level, as well as with each individual employee.

Mr. Dodge became determined to improve safety, take the actions to do so, and ensure that the results were measurable and added value. His efforts and those of the CPR team in the ensuing years proved to be highly successful. From the base year 1995 through 2004, CPR's personal injury frequency ratio as measured by industry "FRA" standards was reduced by 67 per cent. Train Accidents - again as measured by industry "FRA" standards per million train miles were also reduced by 59 per cent over the same period. To those who understand the railway environment in North America, these safety improvements and corresponding measured results are considered remarkable.

Safety is a team effort, and the CPR managers and employees who supported Mr. Dodge are also to be commended for their role in bringing an increased focus on safety responsibility within the company, and for the results that were achieved over a nine year period. Today, the CPR remains an industry leader in safety performance, and many of the processes led by Mr. Dodge remain in place. In fact, as of 2005, CPR had further improved its personal injury ratio to 2.32 per 200,000 hours worked ratio, and remains an industry leader in safety from both a train accident and personal injury perspective. This outstanding leadership in safety was a primary factor in the selection of Mr. Dodge as an industry Leader to the Canadian Railway Hall of Fame in 2005.
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